Sunday, April 22, 2012

Special Post #12A: Creativity and Curiosity - My Thoughts

I personally believe that schools do not destroy creativity in students but they certainly do not push to express creativity. In elementary school, students are required to go to classes like art and music weekly, where a lot of creativity is expressed. But as these students get older, they are given a choice of what classes they want to continue with. In high school, you need a certain amount of fine art credits to graduate, but many student just take classes like basic art, just to receive those credits. By the time students get to high school, the interest for those fine art classes are gone, because their main focus is academics.
I think a curriculum can be created that will increase the curiosity of students. When students are limited to what they are supposed to know and learn, they shy away from asking questions or thinking past the required curriculum. I think the key component of a curriculum that would help students to be more curious is open discussions. When the teacher does all the talking and just tell the students what to do, then there is no way they are able to express any curiosity. With open discussions, students will have the opportunity to express themselves and ask questions. Students will ask questions if they are given the opportunity.
I think students are born with curiosity, but don’t always have the opportunity to be curious. Many student don't ask questions, they just do what they are told. Teachers are able to increase the curiosity of students by limiting the information provided for them. When they are doing assignments, they can have their students ask questions and what they feel they need to know about the work they are going to be doing. That will cause the students to branch out for more information. Another way is for teachers to discuss something that the students will be more interested in. That will make the students more curious and want to find out more information.
I am naturally curious person and will ask anyone anything, but not everyone is like me. If I wasn’t curious, I think discussing things that interest me would make me a more curious person. When I take classes discussing topics that I don’t really care about, then my curiosity fades away. I don’t want to know more about something I’m not interested in. But sometimes I can’t control that because I need those classes for my major.

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  1. "I don’t want to know more about something I’m not interested in." how will you know if you don't explore new things? Some may work. Some may not. We seldom know until we try. Think about my story of Twitter.

    Creativity is not restricted to the arts!