Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T #4 - Summary

The Teacher I had for C4T #4 was named Mr. Doug Peterson. His blog was named Doug- Off the Record. Throughout his blog, he discusses new types of resources that he finds on the internet and some of the things his friends are doing on the internet.

The first post I commented on was about different types of personal home pages. he talked about certain ones like Tizmo, Symbaloo and Foks. I was familiar with Symbaloo because that is what I use for my PLN. Tizmo is a very simple homepage. It has pictures of what each website looks like that you decide to use. Foks is a bit more complicated.It has over 100 different sites. You are still able to add your own personal sites but there are so many from the start that there really isn’t any room to add more. I commented to Mr. Peterson that I had never heard of Foks before but I actually like it better than Symbaloo because you don’t have to search for each website you want on there, since it already has so many sites.
Google A-Z
The second post I commented on was called Google A-Z. A friend of Mr. Peterson’s was creating a list called Google A-Z. I just thought this was a cool idea because Google has come so far. I remember when it used to only be used for searching the internet. Now you are able to do so much on Google, like create documents and blogs. I commented to Mr. Peterson that the list was a great idea and if his friend is able to fill the whole list, then it’s going to show how much Google has improved over the years.

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