Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final Report on my PLN

Personal Learning Network
My Personal Learning Network has been nothing but helpful to me for the rest of this semester. When I last reported, I wasn’t using it that much because I was still getting used to it and it was confusing to me. Then, I set it to my home page and it helped me more than ever. At first, I only had websites that I could use on my spare time like shopping sites and music entertainment. I later added sites that I could use daily like South Alabama’s homepage and other websites that I use for my other classes. My PLN was always very convenient when I had to get to a website quickly, or if I found a new website, I could always add that site to one of my squares. After EDM 310 is over, I will keep my PLN as my homepage because it helps me stay organized and it helps me surf the web in a quick and fashionable manner.

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