Sunday, April 22, 2012

C4K Summary for April

For the month of April, we participated in the world blog challenge. I really enjoyed it because I was able to comment on the same student for three weeks in a row. The student I had was named Andrew. I was able to learn a lot about him.
One the first week, I commented on a post by Andrew about 10 things about him. In his post, he stated some of his interests like Lacrosse and video games. He also expressed his love for the New Orleans Saints and football in general. From his post, I could also tell that he enjoyed being outdoors because he goes 4-wheeling, his family owns a farm, and he loves playing with his dogs. I commented to him that he had really cool interests and he and told him that NO Saints are the big team down here.

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Next, I commented on a post from Andrew about his home state, Vermont. I have never been to Vermont before or have never known anyone who has been there, so reading this post was very exciting. In his post, he discusses why he likes Vermont so much and what he does there. He gets to eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream pretty often and Vermont makes most of the US’s maple syrup. He also tells his audience that it is not a very crowded state. He gets to be around all his friends and family. The last thing he mentions is that there are no natural disasters. I commented back to Andrew that I had never been to Vermont before but it sounds like a really fun state to visit. I also told him about our Natural disasters down here like Hurricanes.
The last post I commented on for Andrew was about Littering. He gave a lot of great facts about littering and how we need to stop. He stated that the most common litter items are fast food, beer bottles, and soda cans. Many animals eat the bags and trash that is left on the roads and die of suffocation. He told his audience to help stop littering and recycle when you can. I commented to him that he presented some really good information and that littering is a horrible problem that needs to be controlled. I enjoyed commenting on Andrew’s blog. He is a very bright and interesting student.

Auckland, New Zealand
Also this month, I commented on a student from room 9 at PT England School in Auckland, New Zealand. My student’s name was Mubashshir. He seemed to be very interested in technology because be had the most blog posts out of his whole class. The post I commented on was about his trip with his family to a carboot sale. He made a video describing his trip. He said that he went with his mom and sister, and they bought things like clothes and shoes. He mentions how they get really good deals. I commented to him how much I enjoyed his video and how I thought a carboot sale would be really fun to experience. I enjoyed his post because it was cool to see what other families do in other countries..

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