Friday, May 4, 2012

Project #13 - Technology Collaboration

My group, CLLL (Chanel, Linda, Laura, Leslie), tried to incorporate as much technology as possible that led up to our Project #15 and and #16. We used Google Docs to create out scripts and save the photos that were being used as as well. We also Skyped during times of planning. Linda and I were able to use Facetime to discuss meeting times. We also used our cell phones for text messages and phones calls for the project. Both projects #15 and #16 both took place on the SMARTboard. We used this to create our Disney alphabet and our Dr. Suess Jeopardy. We then used the Flip to film ourselves. Unfortunately, there were times we had to meet face to face because of the short amount of time we had to work on everything and put it all together. But we still were able to use a great amount of technology, and our projects turned out great! I enjoyed working with my group very much. We were all full of creativity and determination. It was a great  and memorable experience!

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