Wednesday, February 29, 2012

C4K Summary for February

My first student, Terry, had a short but informative post. It was called “Curriculum for my classroom”. He basically explained which subjects he would like to teach in the future. They varied from math and science to foreign language. I told him that he should be a high school teacher because he wants to teach a lot of subjects that high schools offer.

My second student is named Kelly. She was blogging through her 3rd class. Each student in her class had their own independent blog, which were all so creative. Kelly titled hers “The Kelly Connection”. It was such an advanced blog for a 3rd grader! She discussed the trips she took with her family or her girl scout group. The post I commented on was about her traveling to visit her brother at USC. She posted a lot of pictures of her trip and told her audience how much she wanted to also attend USC when she graduates. I told her to just keep up the hard work and getting there won’t be a problem.

The third C4K I had was Mrs. Adair’s 3rd grade class. It was set up where Mrs. Adair would write a main posted about a topic they were learning and the students would comment on the post. The one  that she posted which I really enjoyed was about similies. It was titled “As White as a Polar Bear”. Mrs. Adair told her audience how the class had been learning similies that week and posted some examples of some. Then the students went on there and posted some similies of they own. The post I had commented on was called “Fun in 2012”. It was a short video of all the activities the class had been doing since the new year had started. Some of the activities included building Lego communities and dissecting owl pellets.I had commented saying how much I enjoyed dissecting owl pellets when I was in the 3rd grade, and it was one of the best things I actually remember doing.

My last C4K for this month was Atifa, a student at Terry Lane Primary School in the UK . On her class blog, she posted a cute poem about joy. In it, she mentions the happiness joy brings and it feels like spring time. I commented back to her saying how I enjoyed her poem and how it was so cool that young student her age were blogging. I also mentioned that when I was in elementary school, we barely used a computer.

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  1. Hey Chanel,

    Great job on your summary! It looks like you found out a good bit of information from those students just by reading one post. I know these students were excited to get your comments. One thing that you might want to add next time is the links to your comments. This way, your visitors that read your post can easily go can comment on those kids too!

    Good job Chanel,

    Stephen Akins