Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog Assignment #4

Podcasting with First graders

Magic Tree House Series
This blog, podcasting with 1st graders shows how a first grade class put together their own podcast on a story they were reading in class. It explains step by step how the class made this podcast successful. The class read the story together and planned the podcast out to the tee, with scripting, recording and editing. Their podcast was very popular to its audience, receiving comments from around the world. Not only did it seem to be a fun project for the 1st grade class, but addressed many skills by the students like creativity, comprehension and technology. I felt that this blog would be a great tool for future teachers planning to podcast because it shows great detail and is well planned out.

Judy Scarf Podcast Collection

This website was nothing but informational. Judy Scarf's podcast collection starts out with the basic information of a podcast for anyone who is new to the idea. Scarf also includes the benefits of a podcast and examples that can be referred to.Tips are also included for a successful podcast. I would find this website very helpful if I was a teacher that wanted to introduce podcasting to a classroom, but right now there is too much information on this website that I need to take in. But the beginning part of it was very helpful, especially since I am preparing for the class podcast.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom
This video was helpful in many ways. Joe Dale's benefits of podcasting explains how podcasts will are great in the classroom for “milenials”, who are students born after the 80’s, and are exposed to technology on a daily basis.  Joe Dale also gives various tips on why podcasting would be a good tool for the classroom which include development of creativity and innovation, shows parents their child’s involvement in the classroom and it gets the students involved with the technology that surrounds their everyday life. My take on the video was a good one. I like how it showed how podcasting is not only a classroom project, but a tool for students’ learning. They could access the podcast outside of class and use it for studying.


  1. Chanel,
    I also found Joe Dale's video very helpful. I liked how he actually showed the many ways a podcast can become a tool inside the classroom. I did notice that you spelled "millenials" wrong. Also in that same sentence you wrote, "how podcast will are great in the classroom", I think it might have been a typo and you might not have meant to put the word "will".Overall I really enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Hey Chanel,

    Good job on your post! I hope you can find this useful to you when you start your podcast for this class. These students show how wonderful podcasts can be in the classroom.

    Your picture and links look great!

    Keep up the good work,

    Stephen Akins