Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blog Assignment 1

About Me
  Hello Class! My name is Chanel Ellison. I am a Junior here at South Alabama. When I first started college, I was a Nursing major. I changed my major this past fall to Elementary Special Education because I realized it was something I had always wanted to do, and something I know I would enjoy doing for the rest of my working life, instead of nursing. I rather do special eduation rather than elementary education, because I enjoy working with children who have disibilities. Also, knowing that you are going to help that child progess mentally and educationally will be a blessing that I can not wait to receive. Because South offers a dual certification, I also have the option to teach a regular elementary class, but special education is my first option.
  I come from a family of 5. My Dad, Mom, a sister who is 16, and a brother who is 6. My dad is originally from Vero Beach, FL. He when straight into the Air Force after graduation, retired after 20 years, and has decided to go back to school for psychology. My mom is full blood Jamaican but was born and raised in England. She married my dad in England, and traveled because of my dad's military career. In MS, she now works as the Credit Card Manager for Keesler Federal Credit Union. My sister is a fun and outgoing Junior in High school. She loves to play soccer for her high school team and hanging with friends. My brother is an energetic and comical first grader who loves video games and recreational sports like football and soccer.
  I don't have a set place where I am from because I am a military brat. My family now lives in Ocean Springs, MS and has been there since I was in 7th grade (about 8 yrs). I have also lived in Florida, Texas, California, England, and Ohio. Besides all the bugs and extreme heat, I do enjoy living in the South. But I feel that I have been here for longer than I'm used to staying in one place so I plan to move out of Alabama when graduation comes around.
  Some of my favorite past times are going to the movies, hanging out with family and friends, going to sport events, reading, and trying new foods. When I have the time, I do like to work out and shop.
  Something interesting about me is that I'm left handed. I also love to eat, and I can eat anything. I will probably be the least picky eater you will ever meet. Since I have lived in different places and traveled to more, I have tried all sorts of food, and I still haven't found anything I just can't enjoy.

Randy Pausch on Time Management
  Randy Pausch on Time Management was an informative video about goal setting, priorities, and planning. From the video, I learned to plan each day, each week, and each semester. That will help me to stay focus on my goals and reach them in a timely manner. Pausch stated "you can change your plan but only when you have one", which means you must have a plan first so you have a base that you can build on. I also learned to do the ugliest things first from my to do list. I think this would help when I am trying to get my to do list finish. If I can get the ugly things out of the way, then I can take it easier when I get to the less ugly things. Pausch came off as a inspirational man. His material was understandable and direct. I don't really know much information about him though. The only things I have heard about Randy Pausch are he was known for his inspirational speechs about life, had a #1 best selling book, and died of pancreatic caner in 2008.


  1. How long did you live in England? And where?

  2. I lived in England for 4 years. But my mom is originally from there so we visit about every 4 years. And Birmingham, England!

  3. Hi Chanel, my name is Melissa Harrison. I too am an Elementary Education major. I plan to graduate in Fall 2013. I am married and have two children. A daughter who is in first grade and a son who is in 3K. It seems like you have had a very interesting life moving all around and seeing different places. I have lived in Mobile my whole life. All of my family is also here in Mobile except for my Aunt and her family who live in Houston. Where do you plan to live after graduation?